Deforestation in the Amazons

There are many consequences of building roads in the Amazons rainforest. The consequences of building roads in the Amazons rainforest is that there’s going to be a major contributor to deforestation and habitat loss. “Knowing where the roads are and the speed at which they are built is key to predicting deforestation,” Rob Ewers, Imperial College London scientist and co-author of the study, said in a statement. It is said that certain configurations of the roads networks in the Amazon are more sustainable than others. Networks allows roads to be built far enough away from one another that animal and connected ecosystem can continue to thrive despite the intrusion of human infrastructure. Even though we worry so much about if roads affect the rainforest there are many other things that affects the rainforest such as the wildfire. The road expansion is showing a sharp increase in logging and forest fires. Road building has a range of direct impacts on rainforest ecology. In really wet tropical environments were the roads are built there is a increase forest flooding and drastically increase soil erosion. Roads also discharge chemicals and nutrients pollutants into local waterways and provide many of the toxic things for the species that are living there. My decision about building roads in the rainforest is not building it because it has more cons than pros. You don’t want the tropical environments to be flooded due to the roads.



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